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Due to our recent website overhaul, our referral list registration is currently closed.  If you qualify to add your name to a list after you have passed a course during this interim period, we will inform you just as soon as our lists come online. 

Get noticed as a Notary Public!


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Think about it……what is the first thing you do when you are looking for a specialist?  You Google it!  Then, after you scroll past the ads, you generally click on the first company or person that “fits.”  

Our clients trust the Notary Know How system!!!

Professionals trust the Notary Know How system!!!

The Referral Lists provide the general public, as well as title agencies, human resources departments, attorneys, wedding planners and more, the opportunity to hire a notary that has been trained by Notary Know How.  They have the assurance that our students have been trained to perform notarizations in these respective fields with accuracy, attention to detail and professionalism.  People are aware that any notary can pay to have their name put on a list or directory.  However, there is no assurance that the notary has been properly trained to complete their notarizations flawlessly.  

The coveted Notary Know How certification badge in each of these respective fields will definitely get you noticed!!

Once you have completed and successfully passed your examination for one of our certification courses you will be given the privilege of putting your name on that specific referral list for a small fee.  Your name will remain on that list for 1 full year.  You may renew your listing at any time thereafter upon completion of continued education credits (most of which are free with an annual membership).

If you have completed all of our certification courses then you will be able to put your name on all of the lists at a discounted price.