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Giving Back 


We have been so very blessed and one of the things that we enjoy is being able to take that blessing and be a blessing to others. G-d’s word says in Matthew 25:40 that “when you have done it unto these least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto Me.”

The officers of Notary Know How have thoroughly vetted(by personal  knowledge of affiliation) the following non-profit organizations and will be spotlighting one each and every month. A portion of all proceeds that particular month will go towards supporting the selfless efforts of that particular non-profit. Of course, please feel free to visit their websites and give as the L-rd leads you.

We are so very excited to share with you that, as Notary Know How grows and expands into other states, we will rely heavily on our partners in those states to choose 12 non-profit organizations to be listed on that state’s “Give Back” page as well.